Gluten Free Spinach & Walnut Toast

Nutritiously Delicious by Jatin

Preparation time: 15 min

Cooking time: 15 min

Makes: 6-7 toasts


Walnuts   10(cut in small pieces)
Olive Oil   2 tbsp
Olive Oil Mayo   3 tbsp
Garlic   5(cut in small pieces)
Corn   4 tbsp
Spinach   Little(Blanched - Immersed in hot water briefly and then in cold water)
Tomatoes   2 tbsp(chopped)
Spring Onion   2 tbsp(chopped)
Black pepper   1/2 tsp
Gluten Free Bread   6 slices (Toast)
Salt   To taste


Put olive oil in Pan. Sweat Garlic in it along with Walnuts

Add a pinch of salt and toast till garlic turns little brown.

Add blanched spinach in above mixture, toss it a little and switch off the gas.

Take out the mixture in a bowl.

Add Olive Oil Mayo and mix it thoroughly with a tinch of black pepper over it.


Now take another pan and put Olive oil in it.

Add corn, tomatoes, spring onion into the olive oil

Toss them while adding a tinch of salt & black pepper.

Saute them and take out in another bowl.


Now take slices of Toast Gluten Free Bread. Apply your choice of Mayo over it.

Decorate it with both the above mixtures in different bowls.

Sprinkle it with little grated cheese and black pepper.

Voila! Your Healthy, Nutritious Gluten Free Toast is Ready.

Who would have thought Spinach can be so tasty. Enjoy :)