Healthy Sprouts Chaat

Healthy can be Tasty too by Veena

Preparation time: 15 min

Makes: 1/2 litre Jar


Whole green moong daal (Pulses)   1/2 Cup
Apple   1/2 (cut into small pieces)
Onion(optional)   1 small (chopped)
 Cucumber   1/4 (chopped)
Tomato    1 small (chopped;without seeds)
Carrot   1 small (chopped)
Capsicum   1/4 (chopped)
Anaar (Pomegranate)   1tbsp
Paneer    50g (Roasted and cut into 1 cm cubes)
Ground nuts   1 tbsp (roasted)
Chat masala   1/2 tsp
Lemon juice   1 tsp
Salt    as per taste
Black pepper   1/4 tsp


Soak daal over night

Strain and steam in steamer for 10 min

Let it cool a little

Transfer the steamed sprouts in a bowl

Add onion, capsicum, apple,cucumber,
anaar,tomato carrot and ground nuts 

Now add chat masala salt black pepper and lemon juice

Mix all with a spetula

Dish out in serving bowl and decorate with roasted paneer cubes